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Synthetic Tennis Court Maintenance

The different surfacing types for outdoor tennis courts each have their own characteristics and affect the way that the game is played.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Hard courts are usually made from a hard material such as asphalt or concrete, and this is sometimes covered with a painted acrylic layer. These courts are generally faster than clay courts, but slower than grass. Hard courts have been used for the US Open since 1978 and tend to equalise the court in terms of athletic ability. They can be found all over the world.

Hard surface tennis courts can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and are often cheaper to install and maintain than the other options such as grass and clay. The addition of an acrylic layer will provide better cushioning. These types of tennis courts are suited to all-year play and provide a truly uniform playing surface.

What different maintenance services do Astro Care offer for hard surface tennis courts?

If your hard surface tennis court has sustained damage or is not looking at its best, there are specialist repair and maintenance services that can help. Hard-surface tennis courts can be sprayed to kill off any moss and algae. For more serious infestations, high-pressure water and motorised brushes can be used to clean the courts.

AstroCare also specialises in the re-spraying of all hard courts with high quality, water-based acrylic paints and comes in a variety of colours including spring green, forest green, light holly, summer red, terracotta and black. Depending on the condition of the court, a binder coat may need to be applied first but this will be discussed first.

We are also experts in hard-surface tennis installation, and the installation and maintenance of multi-use games areas and artificial grass pitches.

Why should someone looking for Hard Surface Tennis Court services come to Astro Care?

AstroCare, tennis court maintenance packages start at just £500 per court or surface, per year. Proper maintenance of your hard surface tennis court can help it last up to 50 per cent longer, according to the frequency and intensity of use and circumstances. It will ensure that your court is safe and in top condition for play.

At Astro Care, we are experts in the maintenance, installation and repair of all types of sports pitches, including 3G surfaces and hard surface tennis courts. Our maintenance plan can include visits that take place on a yearly, twice yearly, monthly or weekly basis. You can also arrange a one-off service, including one or more of the following features for hard tennis court maintenance:

– Restoration of fences and nets

– Removal of moss and algae

– Court pressure cleaning

– Colour spray coating.

We pride ourselves on our expertise with all types of sports surfaces and provide a quality, reliable service for excellent value. As well as providing maintenance work, we also install artificial pitches, courts and lawns, and carry out ancillary works including fencing, floodlighting, and peripheral landscaping.

For a free quote for hard surface tennis court maintenance, speak to the experts at Astro Care today.