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Tennis court Cleaning

  1. Regular Cleaning to prevent dirt buildup and organic debris.
  2. Removing Standing Water: Persistent water can lead to stains and debris accumulation.
  3. Using Proper Equipment: Use soft nylon or hair-type brooms for scrubbing the surface
  4. Removing Organic Debris: Leaves and pine needles not only stain the court but also serve as breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Regularly remove them, especially during the fall season.
  5. Professional Pressure Washing: If needed, professional pressure washing can be done using appropriate equipment.

Tennis court Maintenance

  1. Regular Maintenance: Keep the court in good condition by ensuring safety, performance, and durability. This includes regular cleaning, crack repairs, and other technical measures..
  2. Surface Care: Follow care recommendations based on the court surface type (e.g., acrylic coatings). Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential.
  3. Defect Rectification: Regularly inspect the court for cracks, unevenness, and other defects. Address repairs promptly when necessary.

Maintaining tennis courts in good condition ensures comfortable play and prolongs their lifespan.

Tennis court Rejuvenation common case

Astrocare are experts in the maintenance, installation and repair of all types of tennis courts. See how its work!

Tennis court before rejuvenation | Astrocare
Tennis court Rejuvenation - 2
Tennis court Rejuvenation - 3
Tennis court rejuvenation result | Astrocare

Sand spreading

Before and after rejuvenation we do sand spreading

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Rejuvenation of the tennis court is in progress

Watch the part of the rejuvenation process

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The specialists in maintenance and cleaning of the tennis courts

Astrocares synthetic court maintenance services are perfect for all types of tennis courts, including 3G surfaces (MUGAs). Our expertise includes synthetic grass tennis court cleaning, moss treatments and deep cleaning.

The AstroCare tennis court maintenance packages start at just £500 per court or playing surface, per year.

Correct maintenance of your hard and synthetic surface tennis court can help it last up to 50 per cent longer, according to the frequency and intensity of use and circumstances. It will ensure that your court is safe and in top condition for play.

Our maintenance plan can include visits that take place on a yearly, twice yearly, monthly or weekly basis. You can also arrange a one-off service, including one or more of the following features for artificial

  • Tennis Court Repairs and Renovation
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Restoration of Sports Fences and Nets
  • Removal of Moss and Algae
  • Tennis Court Pressure Wash Cleaning
  • Tennis Court Spraying
  • Line and Carpet Repairs

Tennis court cleaning process in the image

Tennis court cleaning | Astrocare