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Brushing and Drag Brushing

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Drag Brushing for artificial grass and Astro surfaces

Properly maintained artificial grass with sand or rubber infill provides a durable and safe playing surface for sports and can be used in domestic landscaping.

While some people skimp on infill to reduce costs, a properly maintained infill layer helps to keep the artificial turf in place, protects the fibres and backing, improves drainage and reduces slippage and impact on players’ joints. These surfaces are ideal for football, hockey, tennis and netball.

Whether you are a sports club manager, run a school, university, leisure centre or local authority sports pitch, or if you are a homeowner with an artificial grass lawn or sports pitch, regular maintenance should be carried out on your artificial turf to protect your investment in the long term. Work such as brushing and drag brushing to redistribute the infill, sand or rubber crumb top-ups and deep cleaning should be carried out on at least an annual basis, ideally at the start of the playing season. It may be necessary for this to happen more often, depending on use, the surrounding area, environmental factors and existing condition.

Maintenance and brushing sand into artificial grass

Cleaning and brushing remove debris from the surface of the pitch and help to remove vegetation build up. With time, rubber and sand infill in your artificial turf, synthetic grass or AstroTurf surface infill and fibres become compacted around the key play areas, and this reduces comfort, drainage and safety.

With regular power and drag brushing by an expert, the surface can be levelled to give a true and consistent playing surface. This helps to reduce the possibility of flooding and slippage and improves the all-around look and feel of the surface. At Astro Care, we can also asses if the correct depth of sand or rubber is in place or if it needs altering. By using a power brush, the tips of the artificial fibres will also be lifted reducing the likelihood of compaction, while the drag brush will agitate and level the fibres and infill.

Why choose Astro Care to help with artificial grass brushing?

Drag brushing, power brushing, infill top-ups, deep cleaning and line and carpet repairs all depend on specialist equipment, materials and expertise that are beyond the experience of most private and commercial sports pitches. You can either arrange for a maintenance provider to conduct one or more services on a one-off basis or search for a maintenance package that includes drag and power brushing. AstroCare, tennis court maintenance packages start at just £500 per court or surface, per year.

At Astro Care, we are experts in artificial grass maintenance, installation and repair services for all types of sports surfaces, including 3G surfaces. To prevent damage to our maintenance programmes feature:

– Regular brushing and conditioning

– Deep intensive cleaning

– Rejuvenation

– Check-up every 6 months.

We pride ourselves on our expertise with sand-based AstroTurf and provide a quality, reliable service for excellent value. As well as offering excellent-value maintenance services, we also install artificial pitches and lawns from the UK’s leading supplier of artificial grass, and carry out ancillary works including fencing, floodlighting, and peripheral landscaping.

For a free quote for artificial grass brushing, speak to the experts at Astro Care today.