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AstroCare provides a full range of cleaning, maintenance and rejuvenation services for the hockey pitch from artificial grass in and around Birmingham. The price starts from 500 pounds per year.​

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Hockey Pitch Cleaning:

Hockey pitches, especially synthetic ones, require regular maintenance to ensure safety during play and prolong their lifespan. Here are some essential aspects of hockey pitch cleaning:

  1. Debris and Dirt Removal: Regularly clear debris, leaves, and dirt from the surface. This helps maintain safety and aesthetics.
  2. Water Cleaning: Water-based hockey pitches need regular cleaning with water. If the pitch becomes dirty or clogged, consider professional cleaning to maintain drainage and prevent flooding.
  3. Algae and Moss Control: Wet conditions can lead to algae and moss growth. Regularly inspect the pitch and apply appropriate treatments to prevent their buildup.

Hockey Pitch Maintenance:

Regular maintenance ensures the quality and longevity of a hockey pitch. Consider the following aspects:

  1. Debris Removal and Infill Redistribution: Regularly remove debris and redistribute infill material. This helps maintain even infill distribution and improves playability.
  2. Inspect Seams and Perform Repairs: Check the condition of seams and repair them as needed. Well-connected seams prevent pitch deterioration and reduce injury risks.
  3. Line Repainting: Regularly update pitch lines. Clear and visible lines help players navigate the field effectively.
  4. Professional Rehabilitation: If the pitch shows signs of wear or loss of performance, consider professional rehabilitation. This may involve partial infill replacement or other measures to restore the pitch.

Proper maintenance keeps hockey pitches in excellent condition and ensures safe play for all participants.

To prevent damage our maintenance programs feature:

  • Regular brushing and conditioning
  • Deep intensive cleaning
  • Rejuvenation
  • Check-up every 6 months
  • Safety inspections
  • Help with nets, lines and posts, if needed

Regular maintenance and cleaning help to solve common problems:

  • Leaf and stick debris
  • Shaded areas sitting wet
  • Moss and algae created
  • Infill contaminated and compacted
  • Pile flattened
  • Drainage holes blocked
  • Slippery surface dangerous/unusable

Hockey pitch rejuvenation common case

Astrocare are experts in the maintenance, installation and repair of all types of hockey pitch. See how its work!

Tennis court before rejuvenation | Astrocare
Tennis court Rejuvenation - 2
Tennis court Rejuvenation - 3
Tennis court rejuvenation result | Astrocare

Sand spreading

Before and after rejuvenation we do sand spreading

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Maintenance Package

To ensure maximum performance and longevity of your sports surface, AstroCare recommends a regular maintenance programme. It is generally recognised by contractors and official sports bodies, that a well maintained artificial turf surface will outlast a neglected one by up to 50%.

£500 per court