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Why put sand on top of artificial turf?

Hockey Pitches have different characteristics that affect the way that the game is played and how they need to be maintained.

Tennis courts have different characteristics that affect the way that the game is played and how they need to be maintained. Red, green and blue clay courts are made of crushed stone, shale or brick, which all slow down the ball more than hard, grass or carpet (artificial turf) courts. Clay courts are cheaper to install but more costly to maintain; they require regular rolling and good drainage. They are most prevalent in Europe, where they are used, for instance, in the French Open, and South America. Clay courts favour novice and baseline players.

Grass courts provide the fastest game, due to the low bounce, which means that players must get to the ball as quickly as possible. They are now rare, because of the costs involved in maintaining them with grass cutting and care. They also take longest to dry out after rain, and can quickly become patchy or uneven. However, grass courts are among the kindest to the human body, due to their excellent shock absorption. These courts suit serve-and-volley players and have been used at Wimbledon since 1877.

Hard courts are usually made from asphalt or concrete, which is sometimes covered with a painted acrylic layer. These courts generally provide for faster play than clay courts but provide slower play than grass surfaces. Hard courts have been used for the US Open since 1978 and tend to equalise the court in terms of athletic ability. They can be found all over the world.

Finally, carpet tennis courts include artificial turf courts, which are sometimes treated with a sand or rubber infill. These courts generally provide for a higher bounce rate than traditional grass, have a more uniform and predictable surface than traditional grass, and so are better suited for novice and younger players. Artificial grass courts recover more quickly from wet conditions and are kinder to the body than hard court surfaces.

The main problems that might be encountered with a particular surfacing material are down to a lack of proper maintenance. Play is often concentrated around the baselines, and this is where you are most likely to see wear-and-tear. For instance, with artificial turf tennis courts, the sand or rubber crumb infill can become compacted, and this is both uncomfortable for play and prevents adequate drainage. As part of regular maintenance, the sand levels should be checked. This, in turn, will also help to increase the life expectancy of the court and reduce the chances of injury, since the infill layer improves the grip and the wear of the artificial turf.

Other signs that you need tennis court repair include moss and vegetation growth, which can affect both the appearance and safety of your court. If these are not treated quickly, they can be difficult to resolve.

To ensure maximum performance and longevity of your sports surface, and to avoid wasting time and money when you need your court to be usable, Astrocare recommends a regular maintenance programme. A well maintained artificial turf surface will outlast a neglected one by up to 50 percent. With Astrocare, you can find tennis court maintenance packages that start at just £500 per court, per year.

About AstroCare: expert tennis court maintenance company

At Astrocare, our tennis court maintenance services for all types of tennis courts, including 3G surfaces. Our expertise includes synthetic grass tennis court cleaning, moss treatments for tennis courts and all types of tennis court cleaning services.

We also offer in a full range of pitch installation services and full groundwork including lighting and fencing. As we are not restricted to one provider of artificial grass or clays, we are able to source the highest quality to suit your budget or requirements.

Astrocare is based in Nether Whitacre, near Coleshill, Birmingham, and you can read our testimonials section to find out why our customers rely on our efficient and cost-effective tennis court maintenance services. With our expertise, you can extend the life of your tennis court and improve the playing experience.

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