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Artificial Pitch Sports Lighting

Using NICEIC registered contractors; we can design, build, install and maintain your court or pitch lighting needs. We design your lighting with regard to the surrounding environment, ensuring light pollution and the visual impact is kept to a minimum, whilst giving optimum lighting levels.
In general, fast action, a small playing object (tennis ball) and long viewing distance will require high lighting levels. A slower speed, larger playing object (football) and closer viewing distance will require lower lighting levels. In addition many sports governing bodies also provide separate specific lighting requirements.
Most recommendations of individual sports lighting levels are divided into classes of play:
  • Class I - Top Level Competition
  • Class II - Intermediate Level Competition
  • Class III - Lower Level Competition & Supervised Training
Apart from the lighting levels, other factors need to be taken in to account including the number, height, and location of the fixings and the power supply available.