Astro Turf Cleaning

Astro Care specialises in high-quality installation and maintenance for AstroTurf, clay and hard-surface sports pitches. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent services at a competitive price.

AstroTurf Cleaner, AstroTurf Cleaning

To ensure the maximum lifespan and condition of your AstroTurf surface, Astro Care recommends a maintenance programme. This will include both regular sweeping and debris removal, and intensive cleaning, infill top-ups and power and drag-brushing. Some of these services require specialist equipment, but they can help to extend the life of your AstroTurf pitch by 50 percent, or five years, according to usage and circumstances.

Over time, an artificial turf surface will naturally accumulate debris and vegetation, which can not only make the pitch look unsightly, but can render it slippery and dangerous. Also, if you have sand or rubber infill, this can become compacted around the most frequently-used areas, which makes play less comfortable and reduces drainage. The turf itself may become worn down in patches, and lines can come loose from their backing tape.

Deep cleaning will involve removing any buildup of dirt, moss and algae, which can be difficult to remove if it’s left too long. Rejuvenation involves de-compacting heavy-use areas of the pitch to restore the pitch to its original condition. Brushing and drag brushing can help to re-distribute any infill sand that has started to migrate and compact, and lift the fibres to further reduce the risk of compaction. A specialist in AstroTurf surfaces can also deal with any lingering problems: for instance, replacing affected areas of turf or lines, and carrying out a deep clean at least annually.

Artificial turf maintenance by a reputable contractor can be conducted on a weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual basis, depending on pitch usage and needs. If you opt for an annual artificial turf cleaning service, it can be a good idea to have this right at the start of the playing season. Astro Care can advise you on other possibilities if you are looking for more regular care throughout the year.

AstroTurf can be used on many different types of sports pitches and in landscaping. You might be in charge of a school or university sports pitch, a leisure centre, a private sports facility or a tennis or a football club. In any case, to ensure maximum usage and customer satisfaction, you’ll want to make sure that your pitch is in optimal condition all year long. The AstroCare maintenance package starts at just £500 per court or surface, per year. This is a small investment to make in terms of the safety and comfort of your pitch users and compared to the costs of maintaining traditional grass pitches.

Why choose Astro Care?

At Astro Care, we are experts in artificial grass maintenance, installation and repair services for all types of sports surfaces, including 3G surfaces. To prevent damage to your AstroTurf pitch, our bespoke maintenance programmes can include:

-Regular brushing and conditioning

-Deep intensive cleaning


-Check-up every 6 months.


Our customers trust us to bring new life to artificial turf pitches and to ensure newer play areas remain in optimal condition. As well as offering superb-value maintenance services, we also install artificial pitches and lawns from the UK’s leading supplier of artificial grass, and carry out ancillary works including fencing, floodlighting, and peripheral landscaping.

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