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3g Pitch Maintenance

So-called 3g, or third generation, artificial turf sports pitches are the latest development in sports-surface technology. They are used for all types of sports where traditional grass might have been used in the past – such as for football, rugby, hockey, tennis, bowls, athletics, cricket, tennis, netball and even basketball. The right choice of artificial turf has many benefits over traditional grass while being similarly kind to the human body, and it can also be used for MUGAs. Their benefits include greater durability, extended play, all-year-round use, a faster drying time and the fact that it is less costly to maintain.

The 3g artificial grass pitches consist of a layer of artificial grass ‘blades’ or pile which is supported by a layer of sand. This may be topped with a rubber or sand infill which is spread over the turf and raked down in between the fibres, to help support the blades to provide some ‘give’.

The pitch can be laid onto a foundation with drainage features if needed, a stone layer, a porous asphalt layer, and a resilient pad. These products can be used anywhere that you need high-quality, resilient sports pitches and tennis courts such as schools, local council facilities, leisure centres and in private sports facilities.

If you already have a 3g artificial pitch installed you may need help keeping it in optimal condition to ensure that people want to keep on using it. Signs that you have neglected proper maintenance include a build-up of debris and contaminated material into the structure of the fabric, which causes problems with drainage and safety. Another is the growth of moss and vegetation on the surface of the pitch. Another sign that you have been neglecting your 3g football pitch maintenance is when the infill is compacted or unevenly spread, which causes problems with play and safety.

While there are basic care tips for 3g artificial turf sports surfaces, it is unlikely that you’ll want to purchase the specialist equipment you might need for bigger jobs that will need to be done on a regular basis. A specialist in artificial turf maintenance can also help you fix and repair the turf and lines, along with everything else you need to ensure that your pitch remains in optimal condition all year round.

To ensure maximum performance and longevity of your sports surface, AstroCare recommends a regular maintenance programme. This is because a well maintained artificial turf surface will outlast a neglected one by up to 50 percent.

Why choose Astro Care for your 3g pitch maintenance?

At Astro Care, we are experts in artificial grass maintenance, installation and repair services for all types of sports surfaces, including 3G surfaces. To prevent damage our maintenance programmes start at just £500 per pitch, per year, and feature:

-Regular brushing and conditioning

-Deep intensive cleaning


-Check-up every 6 months

As well as offering excellent-value maintenance services, we provide cost-effective 3G pitch construction and ancillary works including fencing, floodlighting, and peripheral landscaping. Astro Care are experts in the maintenance of 3g pitches, and we strive to provide customers with the best possible maintenance package for the best price. Based in Nether Whitacre, near Coleshill, Birmingham, you can read our testimonials to find out more about how we have helped other customers.

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