Artificial Grass Fencing Construction


AstroCare supplies and installs all types of fencing to surround your sports arena. From rebound fencing for high impact sports to chain link fencing, we are both experienced and competitively priced. Please contact us for more information

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is probably the most commonly used fencing system due to its versatility, convenience and cost. It is used for a variety of sports fields - tennis courts, playgrounds etc. When installed correctly this fencing system provides strong resistance and is extremely durable. This is the ideal low cost fencing system and can provide excellent security.

Weld mesh Fencing

Weld mesh is a versatile fencing used in a variety of areas including commercial, sports, leisure and play areas. We are able to offer numerous weld mesh fencing options in various materials, colours and sizes. Benefits to weld mesh fencing include strong, safe design making it secure and difficult to climb. It can be installed on any terrain and in any location and can be adapted to work alongside other security measures such as CCTV camera and lighting.