• Tennis Court, Hockey & Football Pitch


Tennis Court, Hockey and Football Pitch Construction

AstroCare provide a complete range of pitch building services. This includes soil excavation, (to take away or bank on site), base construction, using either MOT type one or 28mm clean stone, base course and complete topping to finish.
Additional services include:
  • Full fencing specification
  • High quality artificial grass
  • Line markings with posts and nets
All courts are free-draining, meaning substructure and surfacing are porous, allowing water to drain through and either dissipate naturally or is caught in a drainage system. This ensures the surface will be playable nearly all year around. As we are not restricted to one provider of Artificial grass or Artificial Clays, we are able to source the highest quality to suit your budget or requirements.  
Artificial grass and Artificial clay:
  • Geotextile membrane and drainage system if required.
  • 150 mm (minimum) compacted depth non-frost susceptible carboniferous limestone or granite.
  • 40 mm compacted depth base course porous asphalt.
  • 25 mm open grade 6 mm diameter aggregate porous asphalt.
  • Sand filled artificial grass wearing course