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Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance

If you have a patchy lawn that is more mud than grass, or an area where it is impossible to grow a grass lawn, AstroCare specialise in artificial turf products which will give you a perfect green and pleasant space.
An artificial turf lawn will significantly enhance your property, looking just as good as the real thing, while providing you with a place to chill out or where the kids can safely play. An AstroCare Lawn provides all these benefits without the mowing and maintenance; so forget about the mower and just sit back and relax!
We can help you create fake grass lawns that look and feel amazing. You can choose from a range of different turf types to get your ideal outdoor area. We can cover slabs and other hard surfaces. The turf is so durable it can even cover areas where cars park, so getting that second parking space does not mean losing lawn.
We can also help with the hard landscaping for the rest of your outdoor area to compliment your new lawn. Block paving, natural stone slabs and sleepers for raised flower beds can be used effectively to frame the lawn.
AstroCare uses premium products from the UK’s leading artificial grass manufacturer as it is the most realistic and hard wearing artificial on the market.
The turf is environmentally friendly, and is produced from recycled plastic bottles. The average person gets through 45kg of plastic a year and it takes around six times that amount to manufacture the average lawn. This means that if you choose an AstroCare Lawn you could be recycling six people’s annual plastic consumption.